MCHEETA 803 Telephone Call Blocker, Blocking All Private Calls Without Call ID, Powerful To Stop All Junk Calls
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MCHEETA 803 Telephone Call Blocker, Blocking All P
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  • Features:
    ★LARGE CAPICITY--Blocking 1000 groups incoming unwanted numbers(up to 16 digits)and area codes.
    ★EASY TO BLOCK UNKNOWN NUMBERS-This function helps you to block all unknown and private callers. Works well in removing private calls,robocalls,sales calls,junk calls,spam calls and telemarketing calls.
    ★EASY TO UNBLOCK RIGHT NUMBERS- If you happen to block a call that is legitimate, you can remove it from call blocker, easy to undo error.
    ★EASY TO HOOK UP AND USE- No power or any batteries required. Just unplug the line from the phone and plug call blocker box between the phone and phone jack.
    ★EASY TO ADD NUMBERS Add outgoing blocked numbers to blacklist, input complete unwanted numbers to blacklist, add prefix blocked numbers for incoming calls.


    No need to set time and date: When calls come in, it will update time and date automatically.
    LCD Brightness: 4 level LCD brightness adjustable.
    1300 capacity:block 1300 groups of unwanted calls, up to 16 digits.
    ❖100 groups outgoing blocked numbers(up to 16 digits)-- Input the outgoing numbers (it could be area code or prefix).
    Enjoy happiness life: Say goodbye to cheater, don't worry elder will be cheated.No more nuisance calls.


    Package include:
    ❖1x Connect cord
    ❖1x call blocker
    ❖1 x English user manual

    Highly recommend it to anyone who hates telemarketing,especially for those who retired, want to return to a leisure life.


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