MCHEETA 808 Telephone Call Blocker,Smart White list, Automatic Block All Robo Calls,Block All Spam Calls,telemarketing Calls
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MCHEETA 808 Telephone Call Blocker,Smart White lis
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  • Features:
    Chip memory function: data in call blocker won't lose even power off.
    Large capicity: Block 1500 numbers and area codes,1500 numbres up to 16 digits.
    99% Compatibility: this call blocker compatible with 90% cordless phone and cord phone.
    Automatically voice blocking function: block 100% robcalls and 99% telemarketing calls
    White list blocking: Block nuisance calls,telemarketing calls,nuisance calls, robocalls and so on.
    ★Block unknowed numbers:analyzes the numbers before signal pass to blocker.Let friendly calls in and remove fraud calls.
    Two power choice: This products support battery and line power, with chip memory function, data won't lose even power off.


    How to install and operate?
    ❖Putting two AAA batteries to the Sentry V2.2 and connect the call blocker with your telephone by following the instruction.)
    ❖Press the VOICE button and choose "A".(That means you choose English warning voice)
    ❖There is no number in the white list and blacklist with the MCHEETA V808 when it been set up.
    ❖Some callers(include your family&friends and unwanted callers) made a call to you.Then they will hear the warning voice that said if you are telemarketers or solicitors or have any other purpose,pls hang up and remove our number from your lists, otherwise please press zero.95% telemarketing callers will hang up from our survey.And your real callers just need to press zero and their numbers will been added to the white list automatically.)
    ❖The numbers in the white list will just pass.
    ❖If there are some numbers that you won't keep it in the white list.You can kindly press the WHITE list button to find these numbers.You can remove them or just add them to BLACK list.)
    ❖If you are waiting some important calls from unknown people, you can also close the WHITE list by pressing VOICE button and choose "OFF".)
    Any questions with using or something else, please contact us via amazon directly.)

    Package include:
    ❖1x Connect cord
    ❖1x call blocker
    ❖1 x English user manual



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