MCHEETA 818 Telemarketer Call Blocker, With Phone Book, Blocking All Solicitor Calls, Election Calls, Nuisance Calls
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MCHEETA 818 Telemarketer Call Blocker, With Phone
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  • Features:
    White list function:White list function: All incoming calls will be saved in whitelist automatically, no need to enter manually.
    Block unwanted calls automatically: 100% robo calls and 99% telemarketting calls will be blocked automatically. Block all calls with no call id.
    Booklist function: This feature allows you to enter name when manually enter numbers, so you can manage those numbers more efficiency.
    No ring sound: The ring noise can be turned off as you need.
    Keypad function: create numbers without phone.
    Play caller message: record your custom message, play caller message.
    Compatible function: compaitble with cord and cordless phone VOIP phone.
    Record outgoing voice: this allows to record yourself outgoing voice message.


    Automatically blocking features: works well in blocking all robo calls, election calls and telemarketer calls.
    Big dialpad function: enter number manually with keypad, easy to use.
    Record function: Record your own outgoing message, any langage is available,it's a new function.
    wide compatible: RJ11 jack compatible with worldwide phones.
    Simple to set up and use: support battery or phone line power.
    Large capacity: Block 2000 numbers and area codes,2000 numbers up to 16 digits.


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